Fitness Enthusiast

 Hailing from Bangalore, Ranjan has always been a fitness enthusiast and having tried his hands at successful business ventures in the past, when the time came to grow big, Fitness Industry was the natural choice for him. With a marketing degree from Bangalore University, Ranjan always wanted to put his degree into good use. The fitness project was the platform that took his entrepreneurial spirit to next level winning him multiple accolades across the state. 


It Professional

Vinay, your next-door IT professional from Bangalore always dreamed of owning a business that will help him foray into the entrepreneurial world. Having been buddies since childhood, when the day came, it became natural for these two to put their dreams into action. Completing his Bachelor’s in Engineering from the prestigious APS College of Engineering, techie by profession but dreamer by heart, FitnFab was the dream project through which he has fulfilled one of his childhood dreams of being an entrepreneur.