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10 Jun

What Is Metabolism and How Does It Work?

We all know that our body needs energy, even when it’s resting to carry out its functions. The process by which the body converts the food we consume into energy is called metabolism. Calories present in the food and beverages we intake combine with oxygen and release energy that the body uses to perform basic functions like movement, growth, and development. Your metabolism is determined by many factors including your age, diet, amount of physical activities you do, sex and health conditions. 

Basal metabolic rate is the number of calories your body needs to sustain its most basic functions. Apart from the basal metabolic rate, the number of calories your body burns is also dependent on food processing and physical activities on any given day. 

How Does Eating Certain Foods Help Rev Up Your Metabolism?

There’s a common question everyone struggles with: if eating certain foods can really help increase your metabolism. So, let’s understand the relationship between certain foods and metabolism and then find the foods that can help you increase it. 

Some people turn to dietary supplements in the hope of losing weight. However, these products often make false claims about helping you reduce fat or burn calories. Hence, if you want a legit way to burn calories, increase your metabolism and lose some weight, rely on eating the right food.

Furthermore, it’s not just the diet or food that affects your metabolism but also how much you eat and how many calories you get. When you consume very few calories, the body tries to reserve more energy thus lowering the metabolism. While having meals with high enough calories but free of sugars and unhealthy fats keeps the metabolism active. 

Food examples that boost metabolism

Research suggests that foods containing high protein increase the resting metabolic rate. Other specific foods like green tea, coffee etc may also help increase metabolism. So, here are the foods you should include in your diet to maintain a healthy weight and keep your metabolism high. 


Foods rich in protein are a great source for boosting metabolism. This is because the body has to use more energy digesting proteins than fats or carbohydrates. And eggs contain a high amount of protein making them the best choice for people who want to rev up their metabolism. One hard-boiled egg contains 6.29 grams.


Flaxseeds are considered healthy and help boost metabolism as they contain essential nutrients like omega-3 fats, and antioxidants, along with protein and vitamins. Flaxseeds can prove to be extremely beneficial and are known to improve metabolic syndrome, a group of conditions responsible for causing diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. 


Avocados contain polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, which leave you feeling satisfied and reduce the chances of overeating. Studies also suggest that the anti-inflammatory effects of avocado rev up metabolism.


Coffee has caffeine which has been shown to boost metabolism in several studies. People who consume coffee burn a comparatively larger amount of calories than people who don’t. However, it’s important to be careful about total consumption and avoid excessive intake. 


Legumes such as lentils, beans and peas are rich in protein, helping to boost metabolism and thus reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes and the effects of metabolic syndrome. they are also full of fibre that can serve as a prebiotic to feed the beneficial bacteria found in the large intestine. Short-chain fatty acids are produced by these bacteria, which enable your body to utilize stored fat energy to maintain normal blood sugar levels.

Chilli Pepper

Spicy food such as chilli peppers is rich in a compound called capsaicin, which is capable of boosting metabolism. It has also shown to be of other health benefits. 


So many of us consume tea on a regular basis. But you might not know the health benefits it offers. the presence of compounds called catechins works along with caffeine to increase the metabolic rate. However, the effects of tea aren’t fixed and different for different people. 


A high metabolic rate means your body can burn more calories easily and thus maintain a healthy weight which is essential to keep off several diseases. It also means you have more energy to carry our everyday functions and thus feel better overall. 

Hence, eating foods rich in protein, and other specific foods we just mentioned is suggested to lead a healthy life. Other than having a protein-rich diet, more ways to boost metabolism include drinking enough water, getting sufficient sleep and doing a workout that can help you significantly burn fat by boosting your metabolism. 

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