Girls doing group exercise workout at Fit N Fab Fitness Studio Bangalore
28 Mar

As the world strives for a better quality of life, the definition of fitness has changed positively. Being mentally and physically healthy and fit is a crucial concern during pandemic. With the emergence of such a drastic wave, it has affected our normal lives, well-being and our thinking. Addressing such things, the concept of health is becoming important and people have recognized the need to change their needs as well. As a consequence of that, interest in the fitness industry has grown and more people are getting back to professional centers to give importance to their mental health and fitness.

What are the top Fitness Trends That Will Dominate in 2022?

  • High Intensity Interval Training: HIIT is a high intensity level training that is one of the most trending fits to be taken in charge by people. HIIT is beneficial as you can get an intense level of workout in a relative and short period. It has quick bursts exercises followed by intervals of relaxation. The real thing about such training is that there is no need for equipment as you can use bodyweight exercises to perform the training.
  • Wellness Tracking Devices: Smart watches or wearable technology is a popular trend to track down your health and achieve your goals. You can measure the features delved into the device such as body temperature, stress levels, number of steps you walk, heart rate and other things. These devices are helpful to give you a clear and big picture of your overall health so you can dominate well toward well-being.  
  • Light Cardio Exercises: As popular are high intensity exercises, low-impact exercises have a good spot as well to maintain good health and mind. Light exercises like Yoga, Pilates, Squats, aerobics are perfect for strengthening your body and in a less harsh manner. To live a healthy life, low impact exercises are not only effective but continue to be a fitness trend for a very long time.
  • Personal Training: As the fitness trend is on fire, personal training is most popular and people are more adapting to this practice to fulfill their fitness goals. Seeking personal training makes you more focused and powers you to break your fitness margins and build new ones.
  • Fun Group Fitness Classes: Working out in group classes is always fun and it makes you feel good. People like to work out together and can be seen doing Zumba, aerobic, pilates, yoga and more fun exercises and motivates them to work harder on themselves seeing one another.
  • Mind and Body Training: Mental Health is always considered a key point in fitness. Considering daily activities and the stress they go through; people look for ways to ease their stress and anxiety with healthy practices as a move to meet their overall wellness.

People are letting go of their strict mindsets and approaching fitness trends to achieve strength, stamina, flexibility and mental well-being. The Fitness Industry has significantly increased awareness among their health and assure enjoyment with their practice. FitNFab follows the latest fitness trends and has the best practices to take you through fitness goals mentally and physically. 

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