Trainer: Dinesh Sahu                                   

Student: Pradeep                                                      

Amazing Transformation from 86 Kg to 75 Kg in just 65 days , Consistency and Following strict Diet is the secret Behind his success . We congratulate him on his amazing transformation and wish him all the very best for his future Goals.

Trainer: Natraj CN                                                      

Student: Sunny Mario                                              

Another successful transformation story in 50 days. We applaud your achievement and wish you all the best for your upcoming goals !!

Trainer: Natraj

Student: Vijith Kini

“Good things happen when you set your priorities right ” His 30 days Transformation journey has been a great one. He walked in setting aside his other priorities in life just to see a better version of himself . Today he has done it with all the spirit and is standing at a point where he has never been in his past . We applaud Vijith with immense pride for his achievement and wish him all the best for his next milestone .

Trainer: Pramod                                                        

Student: Karthik

Will power. This is the one thing that everyone absolutely needs to transform. Mr Karthik came to us as a man addicted to junk and wanted to transform his health, habits and life . For 12 weeks, he shed his bad habits for healthy and nourishing foods and sweated it out at the gym with complete enthusiasm. The results speak volumes for his great effort he put in. Proud of what he has achieved.

TRAINER: Dinesh                                                     

Student: Sandeep

No words can express or put across the dedication and intensity Mr Sandeep (SANDY) brought with him to the gym every day. His positive and can do attitude is the main reason he was able to transform his life . He powered through each and every workout and followed the diet to the Time , all while making it look so easy. You’ve inspired many with your action in the FIT N FAB FITNESS STUDIO and will continue to inspire in the future. Proud to have trained you and happy to have you as a part of FIT N FAB team .

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