Walking Workouts: Benefits, Intensity, and More

The key to weight loss is here… 

People always ask “ What is the best place to start for a beginner who is looking to lose weight ?“

Well the answer to this is walking.

But when people here the word walking, you can sense a feeling of disinterest or they whine about it. And it is so tough to explain to people the importance and benefits of walking. They are so careless and negligent about walking. The beautiful form of having one leg go in front of another every time like in a competition can create wonders. We personally at Fit N Fab Fitness studio always recommend people to start off with walking. You can also make magic happen by running but eventually beginners find it tough to run for 2 minutes straight and end up giving up. Walking for at least 45 minutes a day can change one’s life into a life filled with joy and confidence.

A normal, casual, low-intensity stroll has created a nearly 30 Kg weight loss for people. 

Here are five things explaining why walking is the best form of exercise:

  •  We could also advise you guys to start off with some regular form of exercising like going to the gym and working out. But this will wear down a major percentage of people coz in people’s minds, this is a very tedious process to withstand and they might do this for a week or tops for a month but they might end up quitting. It is like pushing a  person into the middle of the ocean who knows nothing about swimming and asking him to swim. This has also proved to be effective for people but not everyone’s minds are tuned that way. The basic exercises like running, skipping, situps, chinups, push ups, pull ups etc burn calories. But for people who have lived pretty comfortable lives by drowning their head deep into the pillow and cozying themselves every morning, these exercises won’t really create much of an impact on their fitnessLosing weight is important but choosing the right way to do it is equally important. Sure you could join a zumba class or a spin class if you are planning to lose weight. But for a beginner, it will prove to be very ineffective coz it will wear you self confidence down coz people can be very intimidating and sometimes they can mock you too for not keeping up with the group. 

weight loss

The best way to find a solution to a problem is to first accept the situation and then depend on no one and start looking for the solution alone. This boosts your self confidence and courage to another level.

  • Exercise is not all about burning calories. Sure burning calories is important but it is only an effect of exercise. People everywhere consider creating a calorie deficit is the ultimate goal but it shouldn’t be. If burning calories was all it took to stay healthy, then we could as well make people do military drills. Military drills are the most brutal form of exercising and it burns some serious amount of calories in a single session. But no one can start off with something serious like military drills. Michael Jordan didn’t become the GOAT by directly jumping onto the court and shooting some hoops. He obviously started off with the basics. Exercise is about strengthening your muscles and joints, improving your flexibility and range of motion. It is also about improving your quality and standards of life. Exercising is to not just make a man fit and healthy. It improves your confidence, your way of looking at and perceiving things, motivation, helps you overcome all the fears in your life.


There are tons of other ways to burn calories without it being a torcher of an exercise. But walking is the most basic and inexpensive way to lose weight.

  • Eating clean, healthy and in proper amounts is the most important thing. Exercises that tend to burn huge amounts of calories can end up being your worst friend at the end coz it will leave you starving later, and if you don’t have a proper idea about pre and post workout nutrition, you might end up eating more than you actually burned. It can also lead to some problems like vomiting, fatigue etc. Whereas walking on the other side doesn’t pose this risk. It can but it is highly unlikely. Burning too many calories can lead to other problems like burning calories without proper pre-workout nutrition can lead to muscle loss and this in turn lowers your metabolism and you end up burning very few calories in a day than you otherwise might.
  • Another major misconception in people is that they think they can reduce weight by just controlling their diet. This is just a myth that people need to start realizing. Diet is an integral part of weight loss but it is not everything. Doing some form of exercise along with your controlled diet can help you go a long way.
  • If you are leading a miserable life or having a crappy job and if eating a calorie rich burger or a pizza can help you go through your day then why wouldn’t you choose it. But if you are having a crappy day and taking a stroll in your locality park amidst the trees and birds can make you feel better, then it is giving you a sense of motivation to deal with things and also burning some calories.

Looking at other big and effective forms of exercise makes people undermine the basic ones. People neglect the joy that these basic forms of exercise can bring along with it. You can surely one day fit in with the biggies of the gym but for now, start off slow and steady.

Stay fit, stay healthy and stay happy.

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