When people hear the word fitness, all that comes to their mind is working out in the gym to either gain muscle or lose weight. Most of the people in the world have stereotyped the word fitness as working out in the gym. As a result of which, a major percentage of people all over the world either back out at an early stage or don’t even start because they might think that adding a workout session in their day is going to make their day more hectic.

We have seen people making new year resolutions to start working out in the gym but 90% of the people fail to keep that promise.

One other major reason why people are reluctant to going to the gym is because of not being able to achieve whatever it is that they want to achieve, may be because of lack of knowledge ,plans or skills and probably because they are not seeing any results, they get tired fast, their heart starts beating faster for every small exercise they do. This definitely makes it very hard to go to the gym because nobody wants the hard way to get ahead. Everybody wants the easy way. Well guess what, if that is the case, then you should probably stick to lawn mowing.

Workout is not something that you always do in a gym..It can be your morning walk/jog, your evening brisk walk, your yoga and even your dish washing for that matter. It can be anything as long as there is any physical activity involved.


Well if you want to motivate anyone to start working out or rather to keep themselves fit, then here are some tips:

  • Start slow and then slowly increase the pace from then. This is really very important.

Don’t just make him/her do extra or hard exercises on the first day. Take it slow.

Start off with a simple and a small run or cardio workout in the beginning and then slowly increase the degree of difficulty.

  • Start rewarding them for every milestone they complete to instill a sense of achievement in them. Just like how pet owners reward their pets, let’s say a cookie treat for your dog when he/she does something you ask. This boosts their morale and keeps them going.

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  • Be the change you want them to be. Be an example to them yourself. Don’t do things you ask them not to. Sometimes setting yourself as an example to others by doing things right and being true to yourself is enough for you to motivate others to do right.

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  • Show examples of people’s transformations to motivate them. Help them believe that they can also be, whatever it is they want to be. Make them listen to motivational music and speeches to help them go along the way. Music sometimes has the greatest impact on our lives. Help them start loving what they do. Otherwise they will back out.

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  • Make them follow this regime of early to bed and early to rise because morning activities are proved to be more productive and effective than any other time of the day. This is because you will be the most active and fresh early in the morning, if you have had sufficient sleep the night before.
  •  Advise them to give their body sufficient rest to recover from the previous day workout because rest is equally Important to witness changes or transformations in your body. Minimum of 6 hours of sleep in the night. We personally follow this rule called “the multiple of 1.5” . This is nothing but, whenever I sleep, I make sure that I sleep for multiples of one and a half hours. Try this, this has proved really effective for me and you will stay active for the rest of the day. This has been proved scientifically. 

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  • Advise them to drink at least 4-5 litres of water every day because water is the most essential item for witnessing changes in your body. Water regulates your body temperature and lubricates your joints. It helps transport nutrients to give you energy and keep you healthy. If you’re not hydrated, your body can’t perform to its fullest potential. Your body needs water to recover from pain.
  • Give them proper healthy diets, rich in all kinds of vitamins and nutrients because many trainers eat unhealthy themselves after working out, drink booze and smoke. Don’t set a bad example for them.

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  • Take frequent night walks with them at least half an hour after dinner. Have chats with them casually. Try to ease their stress from the day. This way, they will feel good and can sleep peacefully at night. Feeling good about oneself is really important to witness potential growth.


  • Adjust to their timings so that they don’t back out from the fight. Many people quit working out because they don’t find partners to workout with. Even if they do and if their timings don’t match, then they quit. So you be the one to take responsibility to compromise your schedule to get your friend or whoever it is, in shape. Sacrifice pays off if you are doing it for a good cause.

EASY IS NOT AN OPTION. Most of us are adjusted to an easy life as everything we want is taken care of by our parents. We haven’t experienced real hardship yet. But once we start experiencing some real pain, we quit because we have never been used to this pain before.

Pain is temporary. It may last for a minute, an hour, a day or probably even a year but eventually it will subside. The world is not all about sunshine and rainbows, you don’t get everything handed over to you. Each of us will experience different kinds of hits on the way. It is not about how hard you can hit but it is all about how hard you can get hit and keep going ahead without turning back.

If you look at successful people in the world, you can observe that most of them loved what they did even if it was full of hardships and obstacles on the way. They loved falling down. They never gave up. When they fell, they made sure they went back up. Enjoy the journey of failure because that is when you learn a lot in life.

Just remember one thing in life. If you have a dream and want to achieve it, then never stop chasing that dream no matter how big it is. It can take a lifetime but never quit. Nobody can ever stop you from doing what you want to do. The sky is your limit. The world is your Oyster.

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